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Membership in the American Dexter Cattle Association offers many benefits to Dexter cattle breeders.

By joining the ADCA, you take an important first step toward including your cattle in the world's largest registry of pedigreed Dexter cattle. Since 1957, the American Dexter Cattle Association has offered breeders a quality registry where their Dexter pedigrees are recorded and maintained. With pedigrees reaching back to the earliest recorded purebred Dexter cattle, the ADCA online pedigree is a time-honored place to include your Dexters in these records. It also serves as an important research tool for breeders to study and research purebred Dexter cattle bloodlines.

Our ADCA community is one of the best reasons to join the ADCA. The ADCA and our affiliated Dexter groups offer meetings and special events that are educational, instructional, and full of fellowship with other Dexter owners. Cattle shows with Dexter classes are also sponsored and facilitated by the ADCA through these local and regional groups. The ADCA Dexter community is a rich and welcoming place to find mentors, experts, and friends as you learn and grow during your Dexter journey.

Another benefit to membership in the ADCA is access to ADCA Regional Directors. Members can communicate with Regional Directors about the stewardship of their Dexter herds. These Regional Directors are available to help our members with registration and transfer questions, genetic testing instructions, Dexter event planning, and all types of herd management issues. ADCA Directors can be contacted through phone calls or emails.

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As a valuable tool for keeping our members informed about association news, members receive four issues of the information packed ADCA Dexter Bulletin each year. Interesting articles on Dexter care, pasture maintenance, and upcoming Dexter events can be found in every issue. Other member information, such as ADCA Board of Director meeting minutes, results from Dexter shows, and important Director election details are also included. Advertising opportunities for members round off this valuable communication tool for our ADCA community.

ADCA members can also participate in ADCA leadership and association work. There are several ways to participate. All ADCA members can vote in the election of ADCA Regional Directors. Members can also join the valuable work that ADCA committees do as they search for new ways to serve the community, promote the Dexter breed, and improve the national Dexter herd. Members that fulfill leadership criteria can run for office.

The ADCA is a broad umbrella of diverse Dexter breeders with varied sets of skills, differing levels of experience, and a common passion for this special cattle breed. Becoming a member of the American Dexter Cattle Association is easy! Every new owner of an ADCA registered Dexter will receive a free ADCA membership for the rest of that calendar year. After that, you simply access our membership payment online each January to renew your membership.


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