Buyer/Seller Guides

Buying or Selling - Where Do I Start?

Purchasing or selling your first Dexter can sometimes be a challenging task.
The ADCA has put together a couple of guides to help you with your pursuit of Dexter cattle.
The buyers 6-Point Checklist is intended to encourage buyers to ask or consider six important questions when purchasing Dexter cattle. 
The Buyer Questionnaire is designed to assist breeders with Dexter cattle sales and also to help ensure the purchaser is well prepared before adding livestock to their farm.

Looking For a Breeder Near You? 
Check out the ADCA Member Map to find a breeder in your area. 
The map is located on the ADCA Membership page of this website. 

Seller's Guide:
ADCA Buyer Questionnaire

Buyer's Guide:
ADCA Buyer's 6-Point Checklist