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Hello ADCA Members!

The ADCA Board of Directors has an important announcement for its members regarding registration and parent verification.

We, your ADCA Board of Directors, understand that it is our responsibility to maintain and protect the integrity and accuracy of our registry to the best of our ability. 

The decision in 2009 that required bulls to have a genotype on file was the very first step in protecting the accuracy of information being entered into the registry. In 2016 the membership voted, with 84% approval, to implement requirements for heifers to be genotyped as well. This was the second step in moving the association towards full parent verification.

 The timing for this next & final step in the parent verification process was left open to the Board's discretion. 

We feel that after 7 years, it is now time to take that final step. To that end, the decision has been made that all calves born on or after Jan 1, 2024 must be genotyped with full parentage verification (both sire & dam) in order to be registered.  This will help to eliminate the problem of animal/sample mix-ups and will move our registry forward to the next level of accuracy and integrity. The vast majority of members already fully parent verify their animals, and thanks to the work of our breeders the board feels the time is right to make it a requirement for all.

Pedigrees you can trust, added value for your Dexters!

We encourage members to contact their regional directors with any questions or needed assistance with the new registration policy.

The ADCA Board of Directors


Membership Renewal For 2023

It's time to renew your ADCA membership for the new year. Renewing before Feb. 1, 2023 could save you $5 to $10 on membership fees.

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