Event Sponsorship Application

In our ongoing effort to promote Dexter cattle and the ADCA, the ADCA sponsors shows and events with the following guidelines:

Funds that are available:

  • State Fairs and large regional or national shows are eligible to receive up to $1000.
  • County Fairs and smaller regional shows are eligible to receive up to $500.

Size definitions:

  • A small event is one that has 5-25 Dexters in attendance
  • A large event is one that has more than 25 Dexters in attendance

Guidelines in the dispersal of ADCA funds:

  • To receive sponsorship, the ADCA Member must submit this completed form no later than 30 days before the event.
  • If the money is to be used for show premiums, the recipients of the money must be ADCA members and the Dexters receiving the ribbons must be registered with the ADCA. If a non-member (adult or child) shows the animal of an ADCA member, the member Dexter may choose to share this award with them.
  • We encourage you to place an ad in the event show catalog or premium book that mentions the ADCA.
  • Any show or event that receives ADCA sponsorship funds must prominently display an ADCA promotional item: an official ADCA banner, an official ADCA brochure, etc
  • Documentation of the use of the received funds is required. Examples of this documentation include:
    • Photograph of the prominently displayed promotional item
    • Receipts from the event venue showing use off the funds
    • Receipts from any product purchased: ribbons, trophies, etc
  • This documentation can be submitted by filling out this form, after the event, and attaching the pertinent photos or scans of receipts OR mailing the documentation to the ADCA Treasurer no later than 30 days after the event.
  • ADCA leadership reserves the right to adjust money amounts up or down based on the current financial standing of the Association or any other important circumstance.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines can result in denial of future fund requests.

If you would like this event to be placed on the ADCA Calendar of Events and posted on Facebook and the ADCA blog, don’t forget to complete the Event Submission Form on the ADCA Happenings page!

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