The ADCA Talisman Farm Award

The ADCA Talisman Farm Award winner for 2019 is:
Vicki Jones of Moosters Meadows

Congratulations, Vicki!

The ADCA Talisman Farm Award is given in memory of John Hays of the Talisman Herd. An attorney and accomplished musician, John and his wife Belle purchased their first Dexters in 1974. John was integral in the reorganization of the “American Kerry and Dexter Club” into the American Dexter cattle Association in 1978, writing the original Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. John also acted as a Regional Director for the Pacific Region. In 2004, Before John’s passing, he and Belle wrote the 4th Edition of Dexter Cattle. Belle presented this book to the association in memory of her husband.

John and Belle were strong supporters of black, horned Dexters and have 78 cattle registered in the ADCA national pedigree database. Both John and Belle were awarded honorary lifetime memberships in the ADCA and will always be remembered for their passionate service to our community and to the preservation of this special cattle breed.

The Talisman Farm Award is presented annually at the ADCA National Dexter Expo. It recognizes the ADCA Dexter family, couple, or individual that stewards an exemplary herd of Irish Dexter Cattle with honesty, integrity, and faithfulness. It includes recognition at the Expo, an award plaque, and recognition in the ADCA Bulletin.

ADCA Talisman Farm Award Winners
2019 Vicki Jones
2018 Jim & Peggy Woehl
2017 Debra Hawkins
2016 Rick Seydel
2015 Jim Smith
2014 Pam Malcuit
2013 Charles Townson
2012 Sandi Thomas
2011 Marvin Johnson
2010 Sally Coad
2009 Peerless Herd
2008 Marcia Read
2007 Carol Davidson
2006 Diane Mills-Frank

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