Texas Dexter Breeder Association

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  1. Looking for cow (cows)in milk or ready to breed March April 2021 to bring into our milk line at our micro dairy here in Willis tx. Currently milk a dexter jersey cross and she is a peach hardest working compact girl producing milk on milk on grass.

    1. Look for information about Dexter breed. We are located in Texas (Bastrop county).Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you

      1. Hi Tracy, I am just starting to research Dexter cattle. Did anyone reach out to you? If so, would you be willing to put me in touch with them? I live in Lexington about an hour from Bastrop.


  2. I’m a Disabled Veteran looking for information about the Dexter Breed of cattle. I’ve been reading about this breed thinking this is the best for me due to me being in a power wheelchair. I would appreciate it if anyone could advise me on this. I do know that I would have to have a poled Cattle. Any advice would greatly be appreciated I’m still in the process of looking for land so I’m in no hurry. I live in the Tyler, Texas area. Thank Y’all and Gods Blessings- Jerry M

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