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The 2023 ADCA National DEXTER Expo will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah

June 22-24-2023

Please go to the ADCA Expo Page for more information.

Membership Renewal For 2023

It's time to renew your ADCA membership for the new year.
Renewing before Feb. 1, 2023 could save you $5 to $10 on membership fees.

The quickest way to renew your membership is online on at ADCA website:
Membership Renewal Application - American Dexter Cattle Association

Printable forms are available online for anyone preferring to renew by mail.
adca_membership_renewal_application.pdf (

Did you know the ADCA Dexter Bulletin is only mailed to current ADCA members?
The Bulletins are jam-packed with interesting articles and ADCA information,
if you are not receiving a copy, there's a chance your membership may not be up-to-date.
Renew early so you don't miss out on any future editions!

Thanks for choosing Dexter cattle and being an ADCA member!