Lifetime Memberships

Lifetime memberships are awarded to ADCA members that have been breeding Dexters for many years, have served the ADCA membership faithfully, have exhibited a passion for the preservation of the breed, and have stewarded their own herds with excellence.

At the 2019 ADCA National Dexter Expo this year, four of our members were awarded with ADCA Lifetime Memberships. We are grateful for their service to our Dexter community and appreciate the wisdom, patience, and practical help they have offered other Dexter owners throughout the years. Congratulations to these special ADCA members!

Carole Anne Traynor of Hi-Country Achers Farm
Jim and Linda Smith of Whistle Ranch
Sandra Thomas of Thomas’ Dexters
John Potter of Spruce Grove Farm

ADCA Lifetime Members:
1993 Mabel Ingalls – Clove brook Farm
2003 Marvin Johnson – Smiling Johnson Dexter HDQTRS
2003 John and Belle Hays – Talisman Herd
2014 David Jones – Bar None’s Dexters
2014 Pam Malcuit – Morning Star Ranch
2014 Lee and Roberta Wieringa – Wieringa Dexter Farm
2014 Pat and Linda Mitchell – Shamrock Acres
2019 John Potter – Spruce Grove Farm
2019 Sandra Thomas – Thomas’ Dexters
2019 Jim and Linda Smith – Whistle Ranch
2019 Carol Ann Traynor – Hi-Country Achers Farm

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