Junior ADCA

The focus of the ADCA's support for the Junior ADCA is to educate, encourage, and empower the next generation of Dexter cattle stewards. The Junior ADCA seeks to help its members grow as responsible Dexter owners while promoting the quality and the standing of the Dexter breed. Through the work of ADCA-affiliated Dexter groups, educational opportunities and show ring experiences are offered to our young people throughout the United States.

Junior ADCA Youth Board

  • Elissa Emmons, National Youth Director
  • Fiona Delaney, President
  • Ava White, Vice President
  • Erin Chambers, Inclusion Officer
  • Kenny Endl, Secretary
  • Canaan (Caleb) Gardner, Participation Officer
  • Shyanne Wieringa, Social Secretary

Chris Odom Youth Award

The ADCA Chris Odom Youth Awards are given in memory of Chris Odom, of Block Creek Ranch. It honors his work in the ADCA, his service to the Dexter community, and especially his faithfulness to encourage and support our ADCA youth. Mr. Odom passed away in 2006 while serving as Vice President of the ADCA. His contribution to the association, our youth, and the Dexter breed will be remembered warmly.

This award is presented annually at the ADCA National Dexter Expo. It recognizes the ADCA youth that exhibit an exceptional work ethic, a commendable knowledge of the breed, and a passion to promote the preservation and proper stewardship of Irish Dexter cattle. Each applicant must complete a Chris Odom Award Application that includes a quiz, an essay, and a list of Dexter-related activities the youth has participated in. The applications are graded by a team of ADCA Odom Award judges. The award includes recognition at the Expo, an award plaque, recognition in the ADCA Bulletin, and a financial award of $500 to the Junior Division winner and $1,000 to the Senior Division winner.

- Senior Award Winner 1st place $1,000
- Senior Award Winner 2nd place $500
- Senior Award Winner 3rd place $100

- Junior Award Winner 1st place $500
- Junior Award Winner 2nd place $250
- Junior Award Winner 3rd place $50


Chris Odom Youth Award Recipients

  • 2020 Junior: Gloria Dooley
  • 2020 Senior: Makenna Hoover
  • 2019 Senior: Nathan Lizarraga
  • 2019 Junior: Mackennah Spatz
  • 2018 Senior: Fiona Delanie
  • 2018 Junior: Ava White
  • 2017 Senior: Britni Steward
  • 2017 Junior: Louderback
  • 2016 Senior: Michael Hawkins
  • 2016 Junior: Erin Chambers
  • 2015 Senior: Arianna Carriveau
  • 2015 Junior: Delaney Corter
  • 2014 Senior: Jordan DeLaSalle
  • 2014 Junior: Alex Gann
  • 2013 Senior: Emilee Trost
  • 2013 Junior: Kylee Morgan
  • 2012 Senior: Abigail Metallo
  • 2012 Junior: Michael Cuevas
  • 2011 Senior: Jacob DeLaSalle
  • 2011 Junior: Jacob Young
  • 2010 Senior: Josh Hall
  • 2010 Junior: Jackson Neal
  • 2009 Senior: Lewis Jackson
  • 2009 Junior: Danielle Hawkins
  • 2008 Senior: Lindsey Edwards
  • 2008 Junior: Kyle Wilson

Chris Odom Youth Award 2020 Junior
Gloria Dooley
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Chris Odom Youth Award 2020 Senior
Makenna Hoover
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