Genetics and Labs

Genetic testing can be a helpful tool for ADCA Dexter breeders. Not only does it give us specific information about genetic characteristics, it also helps the association safeguard the validity of our pedigrees with genetic markers and parentage verification. Although genetic testing will never replace the skilled eye, wisdom, and experience of a dedicated seed breeding-stock producer, it can still give our breeders tools to properly manage the breeding of our Dexter cattle.

The ADCA accepts genetic test results from two labs. Both labs offers special pricing for ADCA members:
            • Texas A&M University
            • University of California, Davis

For Dexters owners that have never done genetic testing with the cattle, our ADCA Regional Directors will be glad to help you choose a lab, set up your testing account with the lab, choose tests, order tests, and read and understand the test results.

The documents listed below have helpful information about genetic testing that the ADCA requires for registrations and genetic tests that are purely voluntary. There is also information about understanding Dexter inheritance of traits and how to read genetic test results.