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LF's Otis

ADCA reg 052251

LF's Otis
Born 4/7/2022
Red, Polled, A2A2 bull calf
Tested negative for Chondro and PHA
Otis is an exceptional quality bull calf. He is very laid back and
enjoys his afternoon scratches.
Tested through UC Davis



Herrell or Angie Collins

ADCA Member #13517

HFF Lil Miss Christmas Eve

ADCA Reg Number#049177
Re Horned Cow

PHA status - Non carrier

Price: 2000

Eve is A2/A2 confirmed bred to A2/A2 bull.
Sweet girl, protects the herd from any predators.rotational grazed trained to 1 strain electric fence.

Herd reduction the rest are polled. contact for more info



Angie Collins
ADCA Member Number:#13517
Trimbull Farm, Cullman

(256) 347-1178



Highland Oaks May
Black and Red
Polled Polled/horned status
Negative Chondrodysplasia status
Negative PHA status Negative


DOB: 5/4/2018
Carries Red (her last bull calf was red)
Wonderful mother and milk cow
Sweet, calm, demeanor. Halter trained!
Always organic and pasture fed
Always smooth births!



Elliot Kaplan
Member Number 13463
Wilde Rose Ranch
El Sobrante, CA
(415) 717-0284



ADCA Reg Number 13048
Herd Reduction: looking to scale down our cattle business to compensate for the rising cost of feed. You may purchase individually or the entire herd as a group for discounted price. Very friendly animals, love scratches and will come right up to you; this is a cherished group of animals with great demeanors (particularly Bill the bull who upon interaction, it is obvious he was hand raised, has never shown any signs of aggression)

Cascade's Bill #047021
Born 04/08/2019
Throws red calves only from what we have seen every year
Polled, Bull, red

In addition:

Cascade's Snippet #040944 (she goes by mama)
Born 03/06/2016
Cow, bred, red, polled
Thrown multiple calves for us one of which is a feeder steer in our field

Cascade's Bonnie #041395
Born 04/01/2017
Cow, bred, red, polled
Thrown multiple calves for us, one of which is a feeder steer in our field

Both cows are due some time in the spring, exact dates are unknown, Bill pasture covers and is kept in the same pen with them throughout the year

One Heifer, thrown by Snippet, sired by Bill, this last spring (03/13/2022), is also for sale, never bred, registerable, red, polled



Travis Haugh
Member Number 13048
Janesville, California
(530) 990-8416



ADCA registered 9 month old Talisman pedigreed heifer. She is of the prestigious Talisman line that has annual award Dexter Association.

Rocky Point Andromeda - 051745

Her grand-dam is over 21 years old and is still producing!

Modern Traditional, black and horned.

Non PHA and non Chondro.

She is sweet and ready to work with.

Asking $1500.00.

Super size to get acquainted with and train will transfer registration upon purchase. Up to date on worming and vaccine.

Located in Northern California.

Please call 530-363-0214



Karen & Megan Becker

Please call 530-363-0214





ADCA Reg Number #052262
Black, Hefier
Polled/horned status, No
Chondrodysplasia status Non-carrier

PHA status Non-carrier
Price 1500

Our cows are 100% on grass and are given a fresh slice of pasture twice a day. We purchased our first Dexter cattle 9 years ago.

Currently selling Jubilee, born 6/6/2021.



Edward Wazer
ADCA Member #9108
Shundahai Farm
Storrs Connecticut
(860) 772-9536



AA Dun Friskin

Dun Polled Bull
AA Dun Friskin’
ADCA Reg #049941

Chondrodysplasia status Non varrier
PHA Non varrier

Price: $2000 obo

Frisky is a very cheerful friendly guy although not halter trained currently
He as born in August 2019 and has already given us two lovely calves with more on the way
He is tested A1/A2,

He needs a new home now as he is a bit closely related to some of our cows & heifers
Call or email me for more information
We are about 20 miles from Ocala Fl

David Barton
ADCA Member #11275
Welsh Hill Farm
Fort McCoy
(239) 745-6127



GAF Red Man

ADCA  Reg #Number #047367
Red Polled Bull

Chondrodysplasia status Non-carrier
PHA status Non-carrier

$Price: 2,500

Also have cows and steers for sale.




Bryan & Amanda McDonald

ADCA Member Number #12255

Lil’ Breeches Farm
Russell Springs

(270) 866-6736

NewHope Easter Full O’Joy

Dun Horned Cow
NewHope Easter Full O’Joy
ADCA Reg Number 032187

Chondrodysplasia status Non-Carrier
PHA Non-Carrier

Price: $1,000




Bryan & Amanda McDonald
ADCA Member

Lil Breeches Farm
Russell Springs KY

(270) 866-6736


LOBO Bentley 31

ADCA Reg Number 036222
Red Carries Red
Polled homozygous

Chondrodysplasia status Non-carrier homozygous normal
PHA status Non-carrier homozygous normal

Price 2500.00

A2A2 homozygous. Bentley has been a really great herd sire. He makes nice babies, he's very easy to get along with and he's very good to his herd. I can walk all around him and the others, he'll eat range cubes from my hand but hes respectful of personal space, his and mine. He respects electric fencing. Hate to part with this guy but I have a small herd and don't need two bulls. My two heifers are his babies so, I need to change bulls.

Carole Love
Member Number 13838
Love Legacy Farm
(660) 525-0227


Salad Bar Tanker

ADCA Reg Number #052179
Red Polled Bull

Price: 1600

I also have a red cow that had her first calf this year. She has been exposed to a nice looking red bull. Her price is $1600.

Corey Schaefer
ADCA Member #10415
Salad Bar Ranch
Hancock, Minnesota

New York

Fairsing Flo's Hopper

ADCA Reg Number #052335
Red Homozygous Polled Bull
Chondrodysplasia status free
PHA status free

Price: 2000

Hopper is a beautiful and gentle bull calf with great genes. Red, Homozygous Polled A1/A2. He allows me to pet him when I'm in the pasture. He was born August 26, 2022 and will be ready to leave his dam by the end of February.

Mark Sisk
ADCA Member #8643
Fairsing Farm
Jefferson, NY

South Carolina

Belle Oaks Lil Red Bayou

ADCA Reg #044424
Red Horned Bull
Chondrodysplasia status - Non-carrier
PHA status - Non-carrier

Price: $2100.00

Red Horned Bull
Born 6/15/18
Parentage DNA G3,
Chondro Non-carrier
PHA Non-carrier
Proven Sire

This is one handsome dude and one fine specimen of what a Dexter is all about!

Any questions: call Joanne 704-400-3459 at Crazy Blessed Farm

Dwayne Duke Sr.
ADCA Member Number #11454
Crazy Blessed Farm
Society Hill, South Carolina

Phone: 704-400-3459

South Dakota

Coteau Hills Niall Casey

Animal For Sale: Coteau Hills Niall Casey
ADCA Reg Number 045328

Black, Dehorned,



Herd Reduction: In 6 years our herd has gone from 2 cow/calf pairs, to 24 head
well exceeding our intended limit of 10 head.

We are currently offering Casey with her black bull calf at side.
Born 04/13/22. In addition we are offering Cassie (045327) with black bull calf
at side born 04/14/22 $1500.

Connie (045329) Calved 04/15/22 (calf born dead) $1200.
Belinda (045326) Due 06/27/22 with her 4th calf, bred to a Red Dexter Bull,

$1200 or $1500 after she calves.. We are also offering 4 registerable black
cows (2-3 year olds,and 2-2 year olds) 1 available now with a black bull calf
at side born 05/06/22


3 available in the fall with out calves at side $1200 each.

Also, 2 black 2 year old steers for $800 each, and 1 yearling black steer
for $500.



Tim Lindgren
ADCA Member Number #11137
16050 464th Ave
South Shore, SD 57263
(605) 881-2398


GAF Red Rios

Chondrodysplasia status Non-chondro
PHA status Non-chondro

GAF Red Rios is a homozygous polled 9 month old bull.calf. He comes from excellent bloodlines and has a wonderful disposition. We are located in east Tennessee and delivery is available if needed. Call or email with any questions. Thanks for looking!

John Greene
ADCA Member #9836
Greene Acres Farm
(865) 256-1090

R&R Star's Wingman

ADCA Reg #042189
Red, Carries Dun
Chondrodysplasia status Non-Carrier
PHA status Non-Carrier
Price: $2200

Wingman has been a fantastic herd sire. He has produced beautiful Dexter calves and has also covered even my largest beef and longhorn heifers! He is gentle and comes to feed as well as eats from my hand. Let him produce for your herd and see what a great animal he is!

Reginald Pilinko
ADCA Member #11004
Triple C Ranch
Riceville, TN

FryFarmTN Fry's Mocha

FryFarmTN Fry's Mocha
ADCA Reg Number 052017
Color Dun
Colors Carries: Red

Chondrodysplasia status Neg


5 mo - Heifer/weaned.
Dun/Carries Red.
A1/A2, PHA & Condro (Neg).
Genetic Testing done UC Davis. Milk Protein Analysis: Favorable for higher milk production, carries variants with increased Casein content desirable for better cheese yield. (A/A, Kapa, B/B Beta)
Sweet calm disposition.





 Mike & Jenise Fry
ADCA Member# 10610
Fry Farm Dexters
Carthage, TN
(561) 846-1848


5H Red Raider

ADCA Reg #050593

Red Carries Dun

Homozygous Polled

Chondrodysplasia status Non- Carrier
PHA status Non-carrier

$2500 OBO

DOB 8/14/2021
Genetics tested a Texas A&M University ,
A2/A2 beta casein

Dale and Faye Holecek
ADCA Member Number 9357
5H Ranch
Anderson, TX

(979) 450-0081

VVR Cracker Jack

ADCA Reg. Number 044357
Red, Polled, DOB 2/10/18

Reagan Bownds
ADCA #12370
Bownds Ranch
Mason, Texas
(325) 347-7651


Kingfisher Farm’s Cassius

ADCA Reg Number 043184
Color: Dun

Chondrodysplasia status Non-carrier
PHA: status Non-carrier

Price 1,200

Herd for sale. 15 Dexter cattle for Sale; 8 registered cows, 4 non-registered heifers (can be registered), 3 non-registered steers. $1,200 per animal, $1,000 per animal if 5 or more are purchased, or $12,000 for the whole herd. Age of cattle range from 10 to 2 years old. Mix of black and dun color, polled and horned. Fell free to contact Steven Hopp at (276) 698-5707 or with any questions.

Steven Hopp
ADCA Member 10140
Kingfisher Farm
Meadowview, Virginia
(276) 698-5707

Riverview's Dilworth

ADCA Reg #051835

Riverview's Dilworth

Black Horned Bull
Chondrodysplasia: Carrier
Partntage DNA: Sire and Dam Qualify
Lab:UCD LEG4361

Dilworth is my jackpot bull calf. He has all the right answers to his DNA tests. He is solid black in color but carries wild red (E+) and dun. He has the short legs of a chondro carrier and is a non-carrier of PHA. He is A2/A2 for milk protein. Dilworth descends from the Windridge line of dual-purpose Dexters and carries a well shaped, tightly suspended udder, plus long, straight teats. His dam routinely nurses two calves. Dilly is stocky with a flat, level topline and a level tailset. His feet and legs are excellent, typical of his line. His gentle temperament is the result of having Brenn of Paradise in several branches of his family tree. He has a very thick body. Deep brisket and his body line behind the penis shows that he carries a lot more of the beef you like the best.

His price includes the cost of registration transfers, health certificate if needed and any vaccinations required for importation into your state.

Dilworth's diet consists of grass, Mother's milk and enough sweet feed to ensure that he gets the proper amount of his daily minerals. He is in perfect health. He descends from a hardy line of Dexters with strong natural immune systems.

If you want a bull whose mature height and weight will not exceed traditional Dexter guidelines, Dilly is your boy. Add his gentle nature and you have a bull you can trust to work around in the dark, working by feel. He’s used to that, since we do it every night when we lock the poultry up.

You are invited to come visit Dilly to see for yourself that he is the right boy for you. I recommend it.


Gene Bowen (#3497 / 2022)
Paradise Farm
(804) 265-8342



ADCA Reg Number #051360
Color: Red
Polled/horned status: Polled
Chondrodysplasia status: Non carrrier
PHA status: Non carrrier


A bull with great conformation. With a Calm temperment . He is a nice deep red color, and a Good beefy build. He is also heterozygous polled. He was our herd sire last year and has produced very nice calves this year!

 Lyle Bangart
ADCA Member #2095
Chilton, Wi
(920) 522-2783


Dexter Calf Note Cards
Dexter Calf Note Cards

Dexter Calf Note Cards

"in a Happy Moooood!"
by artist Tim Trost, ADCA member
Gift boxed set of 5 cards and envelopes
$10.00 per boxed set plus shipping
How to order:
Phone: 651-955-6600
Dexter Cattle - A Breed Notebook Vol:1
Order your copy of Dexter Cattle, A Breeder’s Notebook. It is a great resource for Dexter breeders!

Mail a check for $34 (includes shipping) to Stefani Millman
P.O. Box 7567
Covington, WA 98042

Or, provide this book as a gift for new Dexter buyers, to help them get started with the breed. Buy 5 copies for $160, including shipping!

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