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Plenty's Little Satchel

Black Bull
Plenty's Little Satchel
ADCA Reg #048748

Colors carried:
Wild type Red and Dun
Polled Pc/Pc
Chondrodysplasia status: Negative
PHA status: Negative

Price: $1500

Plenty's Little Satchel
This guy checks all the boxes!! Black carries wild type red and dun, homogenous polled, A2/A2 beta casein, A/A kappa casein, B/B beta lactoglobulin. Negative for PHA and Chondrodysplasia.
Total sweetheart loves his chin scratched and will eat out of your hand. Haltered.
Born 12/12/2019


Lisa Filiss
ADCA Member Number #10808
Plenty Acre Farm
Napa, CA
(415) 317-3743



Sprague's Schmockolina

Sprague's Schmockolina
ADCA Reg Number #045702
Red Polled Heifer

Chondrodysplasia status: Non-carrier
PHA status Non-carrier: Non-carrier

Price: $1200

Coming two-year old
Ready to be bred
Other heifers and bred cows available


Terry/Mary Jane Sprague
ADCA Member Number 5319
Sprague Irish Dexters
Guithrie Center, Iowa

Phone: (712) 304-0848



RdoubleD Cash Advance

RdoubleD Cash Advance
ADCA #045784
black, polled bull
chondro non-carrier

PHA non-carrier


If you're looking for a bull to Advance your herd to the next level, take a closer look at this young guy! Cash has exceptional depth & width, and a wide stance to match. Great structure, temperament & production traits. He is, I believe, the overall best quality bull I've had the pleasure of owning in my 14 years with Dexters. He has produced the most consistent crop of calves I've had to date, with his heifers showing significant improvement over their dams.

I hate to see him go, but his daughters are being retained in my herd, so Cash needs to go to a new herd.

Please see my website for more info & photos.



Kim Newswanger
ADCA member #11775
Songwood Haven Farm
East Bernstadt, KY


3CR Pinky

Black Horned Cow
3CR Pinky
ADCA Reg #043557

Chondrodysplasia status

PHA status

Price: $1000

Herd Reduction

Pinky #043557 is Open. She wasn't bred in 2020.
Her calf 2DX Piper was born 4-29-2020 .
Genetics for Piper are in process at UCD.

Sell both together for $1800.




David K. Murdock
ADCA Member #11241
Paradox Farms
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
(405) 239-0220


WDH Red Reese

Red Polled Bull
WDH Red Reese
ADCA Reg #048524

Chondrodysplasia status - non
PHA status - non

Price $1250

WDH Red Reese ADCA # 48524. Born 10/1/2020. Color Wild Red E+/e , Milk is A2/A2, Polled Pc/H, Non-Condro, Non-Pha, Parentage is G5. He would make an excellent bull for Milk production. Gentle attitude. We are located in Cushing, Ok. 1250k

From more information Call or Text 918-285-0361




Kathy Ryan
ADCA Member Number #9557
Windy Hill Dexter Farm

(918) 285-0361



HHF Mitch Ryder

HHF Mitch Ryder
Red Horned Bull
ADCA Number #048602
Color: Red
Colors carried: Dun

Polled/horned status: Horned

Chondrodysplasia status: Non-carrier
PHA status: Non-carrier

Price: $1600.00

Mitch Ryder's DOB 1-Jun-2020. Mitch is looking for love in all the wrong places. Don't need two bulls for my small herd.

Dean & Jamie Walker
ADCA Memvber Number #10551
Hog Hill Farm
Leroy, Michigan



Herd Reduction/Elimination

Red Polled Animals
Chondrodysplasia status - Negative
PHA status -Negative

We are looking to get out of cattle, or at least reduce our herd size significantly. Price for the entire herd of 8 is $6,500. Price for the majority of the herd is $4,500 (see below). The herd consists of:

* Cascade’s Bonnie (registered, DOB 4/1/2017)
* and heifer calf (DOB 3/31/2021)
* Cascade’s Snippet (registered, DOB 3/6/2016)
* and bull calf (DOB 3/25/2021)
* Cascade’s Bill (registered breeder bull, DOB 4/8/2019)
* Ted (meat bull, good genetics but missing a testicle, DOB ~early 2018)
* Yearling bull (DOB 4/13/2020)
* Yearling heifer (DOB 4/8/2020)

Prices are:
$6,500 for the entire herd -or-$4,500 for all but Bill and the yearling heifer, We might be open to other options, so just reach out if there’s something specific you’d like to inquire about. Unregistered stock can be registered (possibly with the exception of the meat bull).

Cami & Steve LeWarne
ADCA Member Number #12192
LeWarne Farm
Molalla, Oregon
Phone: (415) 971-0337


Double Irish Clarence

ADCA Re# 039645
Red, Polled Bull

Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier
PHA Non-carrier

5 year old, red, pulled, Chondro non-carrier, PHA non-carrier bull.
Time for a new bull. He has sired 20+ calves to our herd.


Ford Stepp
ADCA Member Number #10487
(724) 816-7330
Cabot, Pennsylvania

South Carolina

Belle Oaks Lil Red Bayou

ADCA Reg #044424
Red Horned Bull
Chondrodysplasia status - Non-carrier
PHA status - Non-carrier

Price: $2100.00

Red Horned Bull
Born 6/15/18
Parentage DNA G3,
Chondro Non-carrier
PHA Non-carrier
Proven Sire

This is one handsome dude and one fine specimen of what a Dexter is all about! 

Any questions: call Joanne 704-400-3459 at Crazy Blessed Farm

Dwayne Duke Sr.
ADCA Member Number #11454
Crazy Blessed Farm
Society Hill, South Carolina

Phone: 704-400-3459


5H T-Rex

ADCA Reg# 048412
Red Heterozygous Polled Bull
Sire and Dam Qualified
DOB: 01/04/2020

Price $1600 obo

Yearling bull, born and bred on 5H Ranch.
Healthy, loads easily into a trailer.
Tested for virility, vaccinated and dewormed.
Stout, strong lines. Will make an excellent herd sire. Sire: D&D Red Barney.
Brings fresh genetics out of Oklahoma to Texas. Dam: Chiodo’s Courageous. Good conformation, good mothering ability, good udder, and calves with ease



Dale and Faye Holecek
Anderson, TX 77830
Phone: 979-450- 0081

Mortimer Farm Buttercup

Mortimer Farm Buttercup
Black Polled Heifer
Chondrodysplasia - Carrier
PHA - Non-carrier

Tested A2A2




Steven Mortimer
ADCA Member Number #9672
Mortimer Farm

Magnolia, Texas
(281) 687-4398


Herd Reduction

Cow, Heifer
Herd Reduction
Chondrodysplasia status: Non-carrier
PHA status: Non-carrier

We are reducing our herd

Price for all 4 - $2500. Individual prices listed with each animal.

SBL's Jessie ADCA # 046466 DOB: 4/9/2017 A2/A2 Includes heifer calf born 3/24/21 (calf can also be registered). $1200
FSFarm Jane DOB: 4/17/2020 A1/A2 can be registered and will be included with sale. Polled $800
FSFarm Jasmine ADCA # 046465 DOB: 04/11/2019 A1/A2 Polled and all her offspring will be polled. $800




Deb Holling
ADCA Member Number #10241
Flintstone Farms
Moab, UT
(435) 259-4400


Dexter Calf Note Cards

Dexter Calf Note Cards

"in a Happy Moooood!"
by artist Tim Trost, ADCA member
Gift boxed set of 5 cards and envelopes
$10.00 per boxed set plus shipping
How to order:
Phone: 651-955-6600
Dexter Cattle - A Breed Notebook Vol:1
Order your copy of Dexter Cattle, A Breeder’s Notebook. It is a great resource for Dexter breeders!

Mail a check for $34 (includes shipping) to Stefani Millman
P.O. Box 7567
Covington, WA 98042

Or, provide this book as a gift for new Dexter buyers, to help them get started with the breed. Buy 5 copies for $160, including shipping!

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