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ABK Pixie’s Charlie

ADCA # 045756
DOB 2/23/19

ABK Pixie’s Charlie is homozygous polled, all his offspring will be polled. His bloodline includes sire side Belle Fourche Ivanhoe (grandfather) dam side Dexter Down Rory (grandfather) He is PHA and Chondro free. $800 of best offer.

Richard Albright
Florence, Alabama
Phone: 256-764-5861


Legend Red Landlord

Legend Red Landlord
ADCA Reg# 036662

Red Polled bull
Chondrodysplasia - Non-carrier,
PHA status - Non-carrier

Red has been our herd bull for 2 years. We will be keeping all his heifers, so he needs a new home.

Price: $3000


Lori Harrison
ADCA Member #11367
Smith Cattle Company
Nashville, AR

(479) 216-3155


K Heart RW Birdman

ADCA Reg#028176
Red Polled Bull

Chondrodysplasia status-Non-carrier
PHA status-Non-carrier

We are a small family farm and will be downsizing our stock in the near future. Bird, as we call him, has been an excellent bull in our closed herd. He never fails to produce calves every year without fail. He is red, Polled Pc/H, and has a A2N milk gene. DOB: 04/28/2011. His sire is HILLVIEW RED WING and Dam is GLENN LAND RED SURPRISE. Negative Trich test and up to date on worming and vaccinations.

See our website for further information on

Three-in-one combinations available: cow, bred back to Bird for 2021 calf, and calf by its side.


Joan L Lynch
ADCA Member #9724
Gold Country Ranch
Auburn, California
(530) 368-7346





Herd Reduction

Black Horned
Chondrodysplasia Non-carriers
PHA Non-carriers


Herd reduction, six (6) for sale. Black, horned, non-carriers

2 cows (ADCA #'s 043210 & 043211)
3 heifers (ADCA #'s 046941, 046943 & 046944)
1 bull (ADCA # 046942).


Luis Caraballo
ADCA 11940
Caraballo Beef Farm
Ocala, Florida
(352) 239-8730

Five Star Adam

ADCA # 036341

Red Bull
Chondrodysplasia Non-Carrier
PHA Non-Carrier

Price: $1900

Milk protein A1/A2, Gentle bull, good manners, easy loader, selling as downsizing, proven producer, recently sired a heifer too!

Emma Trumbull
Barely A Ranch

Live Oak, Florida
Phone: 203-258-8560

RXO Grayson Moon

ADCA # 043330

Homozygous Dun Bull
Heterozygous Polled
Chrondro Non Carrier
PHA Non Carrier

Price: $1800

First generation of calves produced this year. All were black or dun. Strong genetics for black! Friendly personality and respectful of fences. I brought him here from Texas two years ago. He's 2 1/2 years old and still growing. Exposed to five red cows and bred all five in as many weeks.

Farm Name: Rancho XO
Micanopy, Florida
Phone: 512-809-6016




Black Homozygous polled Bull

Helgen Farms Victor
Excellent pedigree

ADCA Reg #046727

Chondrodysplasia - Non- Carrier
PHA - Non-Carrier


Daniel Helgen
ADCA Member Number 11642
Helgen Farms
Litchfield IL
(217) 433-6436


Twin Cedars Red Glory

Twin Cedars Red Glory

Red Polled Cow
Chondrodysplasia - Non-carrier
PHA - Non-carrier

Red Glory is A2A2, price includes her red polled bull calf born 4/11/20 out of Twin Cedars Mahogany, ADCA 044606, homozygous polled.

Others cows available with calves out of Twin Cedars Mahogany:
Twin Cedars Maggie Moo, ADCA 040157, A1A2, DOB 4/14/16, with her red

polled heifer calf born 4/2/20, $1500
Twin Cedars Maple, ADCA 044607, DOB 3/11/18, with her red polled heifer calf born 4/4/20



Linda Miller
ADCA 9272
Miller's Island Creek Farm
Kansas City
(913) 749-7885

Aislinn’s Red Darby

ADCA # 031791
Heterozygous Polled , A2A2 Red Bull
DOB 5/20/2013
PHA / Chondro free
Sire: Legend Red Mace # 023282
Dam: JL Ryan’s Aisling # 15771
Great disposition, Very gentle, Loads easy, Gently eats out of your hand.
Previous bull of ADCA director.
Consider trade for Red/Black Homozygous Polled A2/A2 Bull
$2,000 obo
Other Animals for sale
Flying H Jerry #043497

Shawn Haring
Benton, Kansas
Phone: 316-285-3390

Phrisky Farms Frevel

Born March 6.
Heterozygous polled, non-chondro carrier, non-PHA carrier, A2/A2, black with recessive red allele.Fre
vel is friendly, and though not thoroughly halter trained, leads reasonably well, especially for cubes.
The A2/A2 and coat color results are from DNA testing by UC-Davis. Frevel is registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association.
Fees for all this totaled $125.
I ask $800 for the bull.
He has tattoo identification.
His dam is Phrisky Farms Black Velvet, ADCA number 041310, from Shelton, Washington. This was her first calf. She’s been a good mother. We have gotten as much as 2.5 quarts of milk from her with the calf on her half of the day, and while feeding her about 6 pounds of range cubes and alfalfa pellets; all the rest of her food has been from grazing brome in spring, prairie plants in summer.

The sire is XI Red Fred, number 033151, from Preston, Idaho.

Scott Bontz
Creamy Cloud Farm
Gypsum, Kansas
Phone: 785-536-4455


Koehl's Bess

Koehl's Bess
ADCA Reg #046984
Red Polled
Chondrodysplasia - non carrier
PHA - non carrier

Bess date of birth 3/23/19
Koekl's CS Gabbi #045803 6/12/19 Black heifer, Naturally polled $875
Koehl's CS Gracie #045805 5/22/19 Dun heifer, naturally polled $875
Lost River Lulu #028444 5/28/12 Black horned cow with dun bull calf not registered yet. Calf born 6/7/20 $1400 for the pair

Other pairs available after calving. We are 100% grass fed and we focus on cattle health and not vaccines and antibiotics with good success.


Corey Schaefer
ADCA Member Number 10415
CS Dexters
Hancock ,MN
(320) 349-0550


Cascade's Behemoth

Herd Reduction
Cascade's Behemoth
ADCA Reg#043539
Red Homo Polled Bull
Chondrodysplasia status -non
PHA status -non


Behemoth is a fantastic bull, thrown 10 calves between 2 seasons. Friendly, will come up for a head scratch on pasture moves.

Others for sale:
Gladhour Chenila O'Xip ADCA #042620 Homo Red/polled, non-Chondro, non-PHA, A2/A2 sell as cow/calf pair $2,500

Gladhour Crryxsti O'Rach ADCA #042710 Homo Red/polled, non-Chondro, non-PHA, A2/A2 exposed to Behemoth $1,800

Moosters Chicago Fire ADCA #038820 Homo Red/polled, non-Chondro, Non-PHA, A2/A2 sell as cow/calf pair $3,500

Moosters Ginger Rogers ADCA #038908 Homo Red/polled, non-Chondro, non-PHA, A2/A2 sell as cow/cow pair $3,500

Why Not Calliope ADCA #038074 Black, horned, non-Chondro, non-PHA exposed to Behemoth $1,500

3 heifers, 1 bull born Apri 2019, all red; registerable $1,000 each

1 bull born Aug 2019, red, nice looking bull out of Behemoth/Why Not Calliope $1,500


Contact Charles Johnson at 816-732-4634 (hm) or 978-302-4081 (cl) or e-mail

Herd Reduction

MAC G9 - ADCA # 045866
DOB 4/11/2019


This Bull [NOT PICTURED] Carries A2. All can be seen on our website.

Matt Gurn,
MAC Farm Dexters

Winona, Missouri
Phone: 417-778-1904

Shep’s Red Rowdy

ADCA # 037591
Red, polled bull. Born 11/14/2014 Great temperament and docile. Chondro and PHA non-carrier. He would be a great addition for any herd. We are a small family farm and downsizing so no longer needing a bull. $1,400 or make offer

Kody and Amy Tharp
Republic, Missouri
Phone: 417-827-5732






Glenn Land Mr. Ace

ADCA # 039331
Red Polled
Non Chrondo

Mr. Ace is very friendly & gentle. His dam is Lassie of HH & his sire is Glenn Land Mr. Shawn.

Price: $1,500

Randy & Karen Johnson
Winnemucca, Nevada
Phone: 775-304-0239

New Mexico

L.P. Barbara II

ADCA # 045660

D.O.B: 05/01/18
Non Chondro
Tested positive for the A2 form of the milk protein B-casein.

Scott Andrae
La Plata River Farm
La Plata, New Mexico
Phone: 505-325-5244

New York

Fairsing Autumn's Emma

ADCA # 045656

Red Heterozygous Polled A1/A2 heifer calf
DOB: 12/4/2018
PHA Free
Chondro Free
Emma is a red, heterozygous polled A1/A2 seven-month old heifer born last December 2018. She was sired in the field by SugarP Rufus and Fairsing Precious Autumn.
$1,200 OBO We will sell in combination with her dam Autumn at a discount.

Others for Sale:
Yearling Bull: Fairsing Bella's Eddy 044271
Cow: Fairsing Precious' Autumn 036886

Mark Sisk
Jefferson, New York
Phone: 607-652-2167

Fairsing Precious' Autumn

ADCA # 036886

Red Heterozygous Polled A1/A1 cow
DOB: 10/11/2014
PHA Free
Chondro Free
Autumn is a red, heterozygous polled A1/A1 cow. She was sired by Belle Fourche Mr. Right and FF Just Precious. She's had two calves born on Fairsing Farm: bull calf Fairsing Autumn's Duke and heifer Fairsing Autumn's Emma.
$1,400 OBO. We will sell in combination with her calf Emma at a discount.

Others for Sale:
Yearling Bull: Fairsing Bella's Eddy 044271
Heifer (7 months): Fairsing Autumn's Emma 045656

Mark Sisk
Jefferson, New York
Phone: 607-652-2167

Fairsing Dancer's Fin

ADCA# 045748

Red Homozygous Polled A2/A2 Bull
DOB: 6/18/2019
PHA Free
Chondro Free
Fin has all of the traits we have been looking for. Unfortunately we have more animals on the herd than we can manage. His dam is Fairsing Precious Dancer and his sire is Belle Fourche Rousseau. Herd Reduction Sale. Prices are negotiable.
$2,000 OBO

Other Bulls:
Fairsing Bella's Eddy yearling bull: 044271
Fairsing Fiona's Fergus bull calf: 045747

Mark Sisk
Jefferson, New York
Phone: 607-652-2167

Fairsing Fiona's Fergus

ADCA # 045747

Red Heterozygous Polled A1/A2 Bull
DOB: 6/27/2019
PHA Free
Chondro Free
Fergus is a handsome, curious and friendly bull calf. He was sired in the field by Fairsing Chanel's Dutch and FF Precious Fiona. Herd Reduction Sale. Prices are negotiable.
$1,800 OBO

Other Bulls:
Fairsing Bella's Eddy yearling bull: 044271
Fairsing Dancer's Fin bull calf: 045748

Mark Sisk
Jefferson, New York
Phone: 607-652-2167


DJS Heathcliff F03

 ADCA 047113
Red, Polled
Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier
PHA Non-carrier


Dan Stein
ADCA 9054
Partners of the Prairie
(405) 612-0323

DJS Heathcliff F05

 ADCA 047112
Red, Polled
Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier
PHA Non-carrier


Dan Stein
ADCA 9054
Partners of the Prairie
(405) 612-0323

DJS Heathcliff F02

 ADCA 047114
Red, Polled
Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier
PHA Non-carrier


Dan Stein
ADCA 9054
Partners of the Prairie
(405) 612-0323

ABD Quinn

Red Homozygous Polled Bull
Chondrodysplasia - Negative
PHA - Negative

Price $800

ABD Quinn born 11/17/19 out of Laffey's Red Duke ADCA # 041451 and ABD Berry ADCA # 038135.

Well built weighing in at 224 pounds on February 16, 2020. Our calves hit the ground at or around 50 pounds so that is a gain of 174 months in approx. 2.5 months. Quinn is Homozygous polled, A1A2 and will be registered pending sale but prior to pick up. A great looking calf with good genetics behind him.

Linda Holloway
ADCA Member Number #6060
Ability Farm
Ponc City
Phone: 580-716-9002


Lane's End Sergeant Preston

ADCA # 046143

Dun, Horned Bull
Non Chondro, Non PHA
Asking Price: $1000.00

Sergeant Preston is nine months of age and 34" in shoulder height at the time this photo was taken. He is A1/A1, homozygous dun (ED/ED, b/b), dehorned, and halter trained. I also have 2019 heifers available from the same sire and would be interested in trading for steers.

Available Heifers:
Lane's End Oola ADCA - #046144
Lane's End Tralee ADCA - #046145
Lane's End Cork ADCA - #046146
Lane's End Doon ADCA - #046147

Please contact me by phone, or email.
Scotts Mills, Oregon
Phone: 503-508-7488


GN Begonia

 ADCA Reg# 045992
Red Polled Heifer
PHA - non carrier
Condro non carrier

Born 5/7/2019, this is a great heifer from a productive cow that comes from a good blood line. Call me for details and pictures.
Also, I have another heifer available.


Ezra and Wilma Luthy
ADCA Member# 8526
Green Line Farms
Lebanon , Pennsylvania
(989) 944-1492

TDF Periwinkle

ADCA # 045889
Red Homozygous Polled A1/A1 Heifer
DOB 03/21/2019
PHA free
Chondro free
Periwinkle is a red homozygous polled heifer
She was sired by our herd bull Danny boy and our Dam Freedom Farms Barbie Doll
Great genetics, conformation, and personality. Ready to breed in spring 2020

Brian Bachman
New Tripoli, Pennsylvania
Phone: 484-601-3164

TDF Tiger Lilly

ADCA # 045890
Red Horned A2/A2 Heifer
DOB 04/12/2019
PHA free
Chondro free
Tiger Lilly is a red horned heifer (we have dehorned her)
She was sired by our herd bull Danny boy and our Dam Steelmeadow’s Dill
Great genetics, conformation, and personality. Ready to breed in spring 2020

Brian Bachman
New Tripoli, Pennsylvania
Phone: 484-601-3164


FryFarmTN Noel

Red Heifer
FryFarmTN Noel
ADCA Reg #047072

DOB: 12/23/19
Tested @ UC Davis, is a Heterozygous Polled, A2 A2, Non-Chondro, Non-PHA, Color Red, Carries Red/Dun.

Born out of our 2nd year Calving program, from Pasture Raised Dexters, she will continue on the fine lines of the True Registered Irish Dexter Breed, and will make a great addition to your herd.
Read to wean, current on vaccinations, and VET care.

For Sale $1400, or open to Trade: (for Like same Heifer) or Cow, or Steer. Welcome to make Offers.

Fry Farm (615)774-0014 LandLine
Mike Fry. (561)846-1848 (cell)
Jenise Fry (321)626-0102 (cell(


Fry Farm Dexters
Carthage, TN
(615) 774-0014

JM Big Jake

Red Polled Bull
Colors carried, two copies of recessive red Chondrodysplasia Non-Carrier
PHA Non-Carrier

Big Jake was born on 11/15/2019. Parentage DNA: G5 He is Heterozygous Polled Red Bullcalf. Beta Casein A2/A/2 . He inherited its Sire"s and Dam's gentle disposition . Big Jake has a great top line and is developing in a very healthy manner. Vaccinations are current. He carries the legacy of our previous bulls and promises to become a great Herd Bull. If you are interested, we could provide current photos and/ or a video. You are welcome to visit our Farm and take a good look at him!

$1,000 OBO


J&M Dexter
Mini Cow Farm
Petersburg, TN
(931) 684-8503

K and B Valley’s Fay

ADCA # 044265

FAYS DOB. Sept 8 2018 . She is halter trained and trained to be Led and tied and is very sweet . She is a dark Dunn heifer with what your looking for in a good young cow.
Her Dam; Derrick’s Cailin Seaclaide #031269 and Sire was Plum Creek’s Casey #37822
A2/A2 and polled.

Asking $1,100
Fay is for sale from K and B Valley Farm 6028

Kim / Bill Stewart
Paris, Tennessee
Phone: 479-883-3484


GPF Southern Rebel

GPF Southern Rebel
Dun Homozygous Polled Bull
ADCA Reg #038058
Carries Dun & Red
Chondrodysplasia - Non
PHA - Non


Rebel is very Gental, Dun Bull. Homozygous Polled A2A2 44" at the hip.
DOB 11-2-2015



Randall Bowman
RB Irish Dexters
ADCA Member Number #4065
(832) 603-1699
Damon, TX 77430

5H Valentine

5H Valentine
ADCA Reg #045826

Just exposed to a Bull

Sire and Dam Qualified
DOB: February 12, 2019
A2A2 Black, Carries Red, Dehorned Heifer

Chondrodysplasia Non-Carrier
PHA Non-Carrier

Price $1400 obo

Yearling heifer born and bred on 5H Ranch. Healthy, loads easily into a trailer. Bangs vaccinated; other vaccinations up to date and dewormed.
Sire: D&D Red Barney. Brings fresh genetics out of Oklahoma to Texas.
Dam: Bar None’s Holly. Good conformation, good mothering ability, good udder, and calves with ease



Dale and Faye Holecek
ADCA Member #9357
5H Ranch
Anderson, Texas

Phone: (979) 450-0081


Red and Black Polled Heifers For Sale

Bar None’s Gabriella
ADCA # 045614
Red Heterozygous polled A1/A2
Non-carrier PHA and Chondro
DOB: 4/03/19
Very pretty heifer priced at $1400.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Others for sale:
Bar None’s Gerta - Red homo polled - DOB: 4/7/19
Bar None’s Graycyn - Red polled - DOB: 4/10/19
Bar None’s Greta - Black polled A2/A2 - DOB: 3/30/19
Bar None’s Gisella - Black homo polled A1/A2 - DOB: 4/4/



David Jones
Bar None’s Dexters, Houston, Texas
Phone: 832-250-6331 (call or text)

Legend Red Whisper

ADCA # 028286

Sweet-tempered Dexter Cow for sale. Legend Red Whisper (028286) born 5/29/12. She's given us some nice offspring and is A1/A2, homozygous polled, homozygous red, pha and chondro negative.

Selling her along with her daughter, Legend Red Wink together or separate at $1,500 for each or $2,500 for both.



Pamela Bosco
Dripping Springs, Texas
Phone: 630-362-6610


BW Tornado

ADCA # 037295

He is A2A2, Polled and a non carrier of Condo or PHA, DOB 2/24/2015

Tornado is red and also carries dun, He has been giving us mostly Heifer Calf’s and so sadly we need to find him a new forever home, he loves to be brushed and never misses a Gal.

Price $1,200

Mike and Janet Steffey
Salt Lake City, Roosevelt Utah
Member #7193
Phone: 435-828-1405


Five Star Morgan


ADCA Reg# 040044
Red, (E+/E+) Bull
Polled (Pc/Pc)
Chondrodysplasia status Negative
PHA status Negative


Calm disposition, a ladies' man
He'll fit right in most breeding plans
Wild-type red, homozygous polled I'm keeping his daughters, he's such a good bull Check out his pedigree if you'd like to see more
He's number 040044 If you want more pictures, just contact me I have plenty if you want to see.
I can deliver, within reason Though it might have to wait until a less busy



Riley Loyd
Old Dominion Dexters
ADCA Member# 10474
Phone: (434) 249-3300
Rochelle, Virginia




KRV Sir Andrew

ADCA # 045690
Non pha non chondro
A1A2 milk gene
Homozygous polled
Red two yr old bull
Also heifers
KRV Honey - ADCA # 045687
KRV Ada - ADCA # 045688
KRV Sirius Red - ADCA # 045689
KRV Mason - ADCA # 043655
KRV Diamond - ADCA # 043532
KRV Beth A Bell - ADCA # 043531
KRV Peachtree - ADCA # 041666



Lyle Bangart
Chilton, Wisconsin
Phone: 920-522-2783


Dexter Cattle - A Breed Notebook Vol:1
Order your copy of Dexter Cattle, A Breeder’s Notebook. It is a great resource for Dexter breeders!

Mail a check for $34 (includes shipping) to Stefani Millman
P.O. Box 7567
Covington, WA 98042

Or, provide this book as a gift for new Dexter buyers, to help them get started with the breed. Buy 5 copies for $160, including shipping!

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