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Central States Fair Dexter Show Saturday, August 22, 2020

2020 CSF class liting 022420 Diretors
2020 Signup Sheet CSF 052819

Central States Fairgrounds
Rapid City, SD
Beef Barn

Date and Time of show:
Saturday, August 22, 2020 on the Soule Grass Show Ring

Start time: 2 pm

Animal Arrival/ Departure:
May begin arrival Thursday, Aug 20th Afternoon
In Place by Friday, Aug 21st at 5 PM
Departure: anytime after the show, must be all out by Monday, Aug 24th 12:00 Noon.

Entry Fees and Deadlines:
Entry fees are $30.00 per animal before August 02, 2020
After August 02, 2020 Entry fees are $60.00 per animal
Same class substitutions will be allowed

All entries and entry fees are to be mailed to:
Becky Swisher
P.O. Box 953
Douglas, WY 82633

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  1. Central States Fair Questions:
    1. How and when do we sign up for classes
    2. Do we just need a health paper no other test results such as (like nebraska state fair requires BVD test)

    Answer To Central States Fair Questions

    1. To sign up go to the American Dexter Cattle Association

    Click on Happenings
    Click on Happenings Info
    Go to Central States Fair and read more
    Click on read more. there is some info there.

    Click on:
    2020 CSF class listing 022420 Diretors
    Then go down to left bottom corner and click on the download doc. This is the
    classes you can print off
    Close it
    Click on
    2020 signup sheet CSF 052819
    Go to left bottom corner and click on this doc.
    Print these forms off Entry form Owner Information and Animal entry form.
    Please fill all your information out and make your Check out to Central States
    Fair and mail back to Becky Swisher

    P.O. Box 953
    Douglas, WY 82633
    Deadline is August 2nd.

    2. You will need health papers and if your state requires
    brand inspections you will need them as well.

    You can call:
    Jim Woehl 605 745 4755
    Becky Swisher. 307 359 0826
    Vicki Jones. 307 216 0102

    1. Thank You Got It. I just wasnt seeing the animal entry but found it. See you in South Dakota
      Dawn Rudolph

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