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  1. When registering bull calves, geno lab results must be included with registration.
  2. All heifers born in and after 2016 must be genotyped.
  3. All registered calves must pay a registration fee and a transfer fee even if sold with the dam.
  4. If the dam and/or sire are registered in another registry, you must send a copy of their certificate.
  5. Your Dexter must have a permanent form of identification in order to be registered. Two forms of identification are accepted: tattoo numbers and letters or the last 6 digits of an 840 USDA ear tag.
  6. We also accept as identification the last 6 digits of a “USDA 840” ear tag, Tattoo List
  7. Online Registrations
    When submitting an online registration, you must also submit an online payment.

  8. Mail Form Registrations
    When sending a registration form by US Mail, you must also include full payment.
Registration(s) Online
Registration(s) US Mail

Only use this option if you are also making a payment online with (paypal)

[ Registration Online ]

Only use this option if you are sending both the registration form and payment by US Mail

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Registration FAQs

Registration FAQs

Registration Fees:

Cows up to 1 year old...
Cow over 1 year old ...
Bull up to 2 years old ...
Bull over 2 years old ...
Steer any age ...


Registration News:

Please do not submit an
online registration or mail in a
registration application until any testing you are having done is complete and forward those results with your application.

Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be Returned

Can PDCA registered Dexter cattle be registered with the ADCA?
Yes, following the same registration requirements as stated on the ADCA website. If registering online, fill in PDCA registration numbers when asked for ADCA registration numbers. It is also helpful to include a copy of the animal’s PDCA pedigree.

View the Decision Tree Guideline to see if your PDCA animal is eligible.


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