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9 Animals Out Of SGF Meri
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
SGF LPFK Phoenix 13962 Lone Pine Farms Klondike B Red 04/18/2003 John Potter David Kennedy 19
Photo Available Tama Sid 15446 Llanfair's Cinnabar B Black 04/10/2004 John Potter Mel & Joanne Puck 11
Photo Available SGF LCIN Mariah 016201 Llanfair's Cinnabar C Black 04/29/2005 John Potter Dave/Linda Kuester 3
Photo Available SGF SANT Misty 017329 SGF LPFK Antares C Red 04/10/2006 John Potter Dick & Pat Collins 1
Photo Available SGF SANT Spring 018523 SGF LPFK Antares C Red 03/20/2007 John Potter Richard & Janice McKim 10
Photo Available SGF SANT Mocha 020222 SGF LPFK Antares B Dun 04/18/2008 John Potter James Calvin
Photo Available SGF LMUL Maria 023116 Llanfair's Mulligan C Red 03/16/2010 John Potter Scott & Esther King
Photo Available SGF SSEA Maya 024675 SGF STIT Sean C Red 03/20/2011 John Potter Christina McCaig
Virinda Farms Russell 045355 Wakarusa ACB Goby B Black 10/20/2016 Sally & Jesse Adams Sally & Jesse Adams

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