Registration Application.
American Dexter Cattle Association

1325 W. Sunshine #519
Springfield, MO 65807
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Registration Fees:
Females, 26 months and under
Females over 26 months
Bull regardless of age
Owner Name :             ID#
Breeder Name:             ID#
Dam Name:             ID#
Dam Owner at Calving:  
Sire Name:             ID#
Sires Owner:
Sire MUST have a Genotype on file with Texas A & M or UC Davis.
All Bull calves must be genotyped and sire qualified.
All heifers born after December 31st, 2015 must be genotyped.
Animal Name: 
Birth Date:
Type of Breeding: How was the animal bred ?
Genotype #: .....Include genotype accession number.
Your animal must have an ear tattoo or USDA tag to be registered. It can be either a right or left ear
(The letter for 2018 is F )
I.D Ear Number : I.D # Right Ear:   ...I.D # Left Ear:  
Circle Color:
Circle Horned/Polled:
Circle Gender:

If you would like to have test results recorded, the test results must accompany this application. (email or snail mail)
If your animal is an obligate non-carrier due to parentage, both sire and dam's results must be registered as non-carrier.

Chondro Testing:
PHA Testing:
Genotype Testing:
(Chondro & PHA results are voluntary) 
(Genotypes are mandatory for bull registrations. Genotypes are also mandatory for heifers born after 1/1/2016.)