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ADCA Member Only For Sale Dexter Web Ads
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Advertise Your Dexter Cattle For Sale Today
Simply email or mail your animal sales description and photo to, ADCA Web Department
Proceed to Pay Online $30.00 for a 90 day advertisement or you may mail your payment to.

American Dexter Cattle Association
1325 W Sunshine #519
Springfield, MO 65807

Once we have ad content and payment your advertisement will be activated.

Web Advertisements:

The following information is required for posting an advertisement


Current ADCA members only.
2. ADCA registration numbers must be included. Steers are permitted provided that you list the parent ADCA registration numbers rather than the Animal ADCA number.

The advertisement cost is $30.00 for 90-days. The advertisement will remain displayed for 90 days from the date the advertisement is uploaded. If your animal(s) sell prior to 90 days, the ad will be removed.


Animal Name:
Animal ADCA Number:
Sellers Name:
Email Address:
Website Address, if you don't have a website then your phone number will be just fine.

Only one main sales description per advertised animal. If you have other animals that you would like to be included in the main advertisement, you may list them as follows:

Example, Other Animals For Sale:
Dexter Finbar - ADCA# 1234
Dexter Owen - ADCA# 4678
Dexter Fiona - ADCA# 1011
Dexter Orla - ADCA# 1213

Publication of your advertisement is final.
There will be no description updates, no changing of photographs.

The ADCA has the right to modify verbiage as necessary.



American Dexter Cattle Association
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