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American Dexter Cattle Association
About The (ADCA)

The Association is a Delaware non-profit corporation whose stated purposes, according to the Articles of Incorporation are:

" encourage the breeding of high quality Dexter cattle, to maintain a herd book and system of registry for registering such cattle, to assemble and disseminate information concerning the breed, and in general to protect, improve and promote the interests and standing thereof."

Animal registration with the American Dexter Cattle Association is by pedigree only.  Membership is a commitment to support good breeding practices and to breed for the Dexter guidelines and qualities described in this website. 

All animals in the ADCA registry were entered in accordance with the regulations, procedures, and information that existed at the time of entry.

The ADCA holds an annual general membership meeting at various locations throughout North America. The Dexter Bulletin, published quarterly, contains information of interest and lists animals and semen for sale.

ADCA Objectives

* To maintain the purity of Dexter Cattle

* To collect and publish information on Dexter Cattle

* To promote the interest of the breed of Dexter Cattle


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American Dexter Cattle Association

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American Dexter Cattle Association
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